Students Tutoring Legislation

Normative Resolution nº. 53/CUn/2015, republished and amended by Normative Resolution Nº. 85/2016/CUn, of August 30, 2016 – Regulates the UFSC Students Tutoring

ORDINANCE Nº. 637/2017/PROGRAD – Regulates article nº. 16 of Normative Resolution nº. 53/CUn/2015.

ORDINANCE N°. 414/PROGRAD/2016 – Regulates the application of paragraph 2, article 21, of Normative Resolution Nº. 53/CUn/2015.

ORDINANCE Nº. 1996/2017/GR – Amends the wording of the Caput and Section I of Article 18 of Normative Resolution Nº. 53/CUn/2015.

ORDINANCE Nº. 026/2019/PROGRAD –  Interpretation given to article 8 of Normative Resolution nº 53/CUn/2015.

OFFICIAL LETTER No. 502/2022/PROGRAD – Guidelines and schedule of activities in the students tutoring System (Monitor) for the 2022.2 semester.

Students Tutor  – Moni System user manual, intended for students tutors.