Single Course / Listening Student

What is Single Course / Listening Student?

Remaining vacancies in courses can be occupied by students enrolled in other UFSC undergraduate programs or external community, which will be enrolled as single course or listening student.

Importante: Enrollment as Single Course / Listening Student do not characterize affiliation at UFSC.

What are the differences between Single Course and Listening Student?

Enrollment in Single Course confer the right to certificate with frequency and gradeEnrollment as Listening Student confer the right to certificate with frequency only. Courses as Listening Student cannot be converted to Single Course or Regular Course.

What courses are offered as Single Course / Listening Student?

Only courses with remaining vacancies are offered as Single Course / Listening Student. It is possible that a course is offered in one semester and not on the next. However, it is possible that a new course is offered. The priority of enrollments are for regular students at undergraduate programs.

In any circunstance will be created classes only for Single Course / Listening Student.

How many courses it is possible to enroll as Single Course / Listening Student?

The external candidate can enroll up to 5 single courses per semester, and up to 500 total class hours. In special cases, determined by the university, the external candidate can enroll in more than 500 total class hours.

The regular student of another undergraduate program can enroll up to 500 total class hours as single course, respecting the maximum total class hours in the semester.

How to access Moodle Platform?

Access Guia Prático para Estudantes (in portuguese).[/expand]

Enrollment as Single Course / Listening Student occur at the beggining of the semester, as planned at UFSC Academic Calendar. Other informations are available at (in portuguese).

ENROLLMENT AT SEMESTER 2024.1March 20th and 21st.

ENROLLMENT AT SEMESTER 2024.2 – August 14th and 15th. 

Documents for enrollment

The documents must be sent to the Department up to end of enrollment dates – :

1) High School certificate: courses without prerequisite; 

2) Undergraduate transcript: courses with prerequisite;

3) Course description or syllabus of attended courses when enrolled at courses with prerequisites;

4) Copy of registration form.

Enrollment results

The results will be published exclusively at CNM website. The candidate is responsible to monitor the results.

PUBLISHING OF ENROLLMENT RESULTS 2024.1 –  March 22nd to 25th

PUBLISHING OF ENROLLMENT RESULTS 2024.2 –  August 16th to 19th

Single Course / Listening Student Certificate

Send an e-mail to Student Administration Department (DAE):  

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ page before entering in contact.